Our goal is to serve for all the men and women who work to succeed cultural heritage and artifacts to the future.

We at Daiichigousei Co., Ltd.(DGK) created the TASUKI brand with our wholehearted desire that our products and services play the role of “sash” to have people feel the soul of cultural properties and of “baton” to relay it to people on hand to hand in the future.

People at our company have been diligently improving the TASUKI products and services by remembering our mission “We contribute to people’s mutual understanding of individual hometowns and nations through their respective cultural heritage and artifacts by preserving, displaying and relaying them from generations by generations so that they can always feel such cultural properties so close to them”.

Under the paradigm of “globalization”, some set of values tend to instantaneously prevail through the world by the media and internet over local cultural values. On the other hand, people also realize that the faster the wave of “globalization” comes, the more their individual identities and roots become important.

DGK believes that the soul of cultural heritage and artifacts, if felt deep by heart- have the power to bring to the people in the world confidence and pride of individual identities and local histories as well as of their hometowns and nations.

DGK is committed to reviving such soul back from cultural heritage through our products and services of preserving, displaying and relaying functions with our strong belief in the value of cultural properties to the communities and nations where they were excavated.

It is our great hope and pride that we can continuously contribute to and turn a light on inside of all of our partners, namely the people who are every day doing hard work in the fields to restore and succeed the heart of ancient craftworks. For that purpose, we will carefully listen to partners’ needs and demand and continue R&D of technologies, products and solution services to go beyond their expectations!


Daiichi Gosei takes pride in being the leading company in the field of Japanese cultural heritage and artifacts. It is not a stretch to say that no one has ever worked with artifacts without encountering our products.

For many years, our product has served the field. Our original product, the Mako (Bamboo Profile gauge) has become common among specialists in the field nationwide, and is a required tool for students entering the study of archaeology. Our pedestals for displaying earthenware are used in various museums among the nation.

We have served more than 3,000 clients from authoritative museums, archive centers, institutions, and other private companies for 40 years. Our operations are currently expanding overseas to Korea and France.

Our original products which were developed together with our clients and our proven history of reliable product sales are our strengths.

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Message from CEO

What do you value most when fulfilling your research goals? Accuracy? Efficiency? Or creating possibilities for future generations?

For 50 years, DAIICHIGOSEI Co., Ltd has been working with Japanese archaeologists to create tools for the preservation of artifacts.

We invite you to try these tools so that you too can experience the breathing of ancient people. A feeling which can't be expressed only in theory.
Our tools (we call them works of art), will not only support your research, but will also take you to a new world of expression.

Ryoko Kono

Company Profile

Company Name

Daiichigosei Co., Ltd.

Date of Establishment

September 1975

Capital fund

60,000,000 JPY


Ryoko Kono

Our business

Manufacturing and sales of transportation equipment, electrostatic countermeasure goods, environmental and liquid screen related products, development and manufacturing of equipment for cultural heritage protection.



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