Mako is a wooden measurement tool made of natural bamboo.
This natural bamboo material allows to measure objects without damaging.
A must have tool for every amateur and professional archaeologist.

Tasuki Trowel

We have developed our original "Tasuki trowel" as an exceptionally strong tool with excellent usability for a variety of situations. This Made in Japan product, by craftsman's handmade techniques proudly has overwhelming strength compared to foreign-made Western iron trowels.

Tasuki Triangle Draw Hoe

This is ideal for scraping in every direction and removing obstacles. The handle has a non slippery rubber grip. The tool is made of aluminum, short and compact. Easy to use even in narrow spaces, comfortable for your hands with its lightweight.

Review for Tasuki Trowel

Dr. Jennifer Midori Miller

The Tasuki trowel is perfect for archaeological work. As an archaeologist, I often have to use tools designed for other occupations, which have different functional needs; this trowel is ideal for archaeological excavation. The blade is thin and sharp, and the overall tool is well-balanced. Other trowels may be as sturdy, but they are often heavier in weight. The lighter weight of the tasuki trowel means it is easy to use, and to carry, but it still retains all the strength of heavier tools. The Tasuki Trowel is an excellent choice for archaeological excavation.


Tasuki Trowel

Tasuki Triangle Draw Hoe

Measurement Scale


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